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YOU ARE THE HOPE OF THE WORLD… Problems solve of their own accord “. just relax. Don’t make them problems, just relax. They solve of their own accord.If you are too worried about a problem, you go on poking your finger in the wound and it doesn’t allow it to […]


The SEARCH in SELF-HEALING For quite some time I am strongly in favour of self-healing. This brought me to a path of investigating and experimenting with different new discoveries and methods. The pro’s I feel for going for self-healing are, amongst more, these: The Ultimate Growth is saying ‘Yes’ in […]

SELF-HEALING on the Path

‘CELEBRATION is the Foundation of my way of Living’ Osho How to deal with Fear … The book begins with an in-depth exploration of the meaning of courage and how it is expressed in the everyday life of the individual. Unlike books that focus on heroic acts of courage in […]

LIVE AND LOVE with Awareness

MOVE ON… Ow move on, Chaireveti … Chaireveti Osho talks in Evening Meeting from the series “Transmission of the Lamp”. How beautiful the spiritual experience is right now, we should not got stuck there. “There is so much more to discover.” Like Buddha uttered many times: Chairevei, chaireveti…move on, move […]

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