JUNE 2017

The Psychology of the Buddha’s The psychology of the buddhas is neither analysis nor synthesis; it is transcendence, it is going beyond the mind. It is not work within the mind, it is work that takes you outside the mind. That’s exactly the meaning of the English word ‘ecstasy’ — […]


The SEARCH in SELF-HEALING For quite some time I am strongly in favour of self-healing. This brought me to a path of investigating and experimenting with different new discoveries and methods. The pro’s I feel for going for self-healing are, amongst more, these: The Ultimate Growth is saying ‘Yes’ in […]

SELF-HEALING on the Path

Love is the Most Healing Force… ‘CELEBRATION is the Foundation of my way of Living’ Osho How to deal with Fear … The book begins with an in-depth exploration of the meaning of courage and how it is expressed in the everyday life of the individual. Unlike books that focus […]

LIVE AND LOVE with Awareness

It is a CHANGE of INNER SPACE “The Earth is beautiful. If you start living its beauty, enjoying its joys with no guilt in your heart, you are in paradise. If you condemn everything, every small joy, if you become a condemner, a poisoner, then the same earth turns into […]

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