Living a Rebellious Life

A Rebellious life includes daring to change, in tune with Existence

Rebelliousness:  Uttering the Truth in spite of Others

An Enlightenment Master is no teacher. He answers you according the state you are in. The truth he hands over may be painful and can hurt people. Still the Master lives like this. He is not Living a Rebellious lifecompromising, he is not up to consoling you like teachers do. You come to him for transformation not for soothing your wounds and covering them.The Enlightened Master Osho is one of the most radical Masters of this time. He declines the whole past of humanity. What he wants, is a new man in which East and West has been integrated. This new Man is Zorba the Buddha. Living a Rebellious LifeHe/she enjoys life and is also meditatively oriented. He knows the outer world and lives in it. But he has an inner world too and finds his base for living there. Like a lotus flower in the world he/she lives in the world but the world does not influence him/her. Meditation is a central element in the New Man’s life.


Rebellious experience: live Evening Meeting in Pune

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* Silent sitting on classic Indian music
* Osho Talk in the Auditorium on a large screen, at home you
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* Gibberish meditation: unburden yourself from all mess
* Celebration dancing to finish the Osho Evening Meditation Experience

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The Death of this Earth seems not Far away

There have been many civilizations before our civilization which have reached to even higher peaks, but they all destroyed themselves because all those civilizations, including ours, have been growing in a deep imbalLiving a Rebellious Lifeance. They developed great technologies, but they forgot that even the greatest technological progress is not going to make man more blissful, more peaceful, more loving, more compassionate.
Politicians are not really interested in raising the wellbeing of people. They play their games to enlarge their own power.
A tremendous struggle for a great revolution in human consciousness is needed. We have to contribute all what we can. Only then this beautiful planet may be saved.

Living a Rebellious Life means that you have the courage to follow your own light and that you dare to deviate from the trodden path. The Mystery has to be lived and not to be solved like a riddle.

Life is Dialectical

Life is dialectical from its nature. The dialectics bring advancement and progress; otherwise there would be no movement at all. Living a Rebellious life includes that you are open for a change of insight. If a wiseman/wise woman’s statement resonates with your inside experience,Rebels Leven you are ready to revise your original assumption.
For example, most people in the world live in a family constellation. Actually it is rather difficult not to do it. Living a Rebellious life means that you choose your own way of living in spite of  the majority of people behaving differently.