Rebellious Attitude: Meditation is Fun

Meditation begins to gain more ground in the world. However, it reflects a Rebellious attitude when the idea “Meditation is fun’ is yours.Rebellious Attitude
Meditation is still conceived as a fairly serious event. The eyes are closed and the focus turns inward. It is not something rather common that exists in a world which mostly looks outside. Not only people mainly look  outside. They additionally are mostly focused on what others are doing and what others think of their behavior.

Meditation leads to more awareness and if you live more consciously, you are happier. The beneficial effect of meditation has been scientifically proven.
The serious aspect of meditation has nowadays been properly shaken. Osho has, from his Rebellious attitude, brought about a revolution in the field of meditation in the sixties of the last century. This covers the following aspects.


The Rebellious Attitude of Osho in the Creation of his Meditations

  • Osho brought the active element into meditation. Until then, meditation was known only as a silently sitting activity. However, because the man in the 20th century had so much turmoil in himself, Osho developed the Active meditations, such as the Dynamic meditation and the Kundalini meditation. The restlessness in the body is strengthened by being active and that makes the base for letting go totally. After that, the meditator is able to sit silently better and he/she can go in, deeper into himself/herself.
  • Secondly, Osho has drawn away meditation from the serious atmosphere. The more loosely you can go into meditation and the lesser you are focused on results, the lighter the process will be. It is just fun and once you know the knack of it, you naturally will go to get excited. Moreover this is the case because you will experience such a relaxed and pleasant feeling due to doing the meditations during a period of time intensely.

So we reached to the statement that “Meditation is fun.” If your meditation will be an integral part of your life, it becomes fun. It is also true that meditation deepens the feeling of fun. You are inclined to think that meditation specially is meant to discharge you from your stress and to help you if you can not get going. Both facts are correct indeed. But just when you feel good, meditation is also important. At that moment you can anchor the feeling of pleasure much deeper into yourself. It becomes a place within yourself which you will increasingly easy connect with. The fun then will spread even more al over you and over your life. Therefore ‘meditation is fun’ reflects a Rebellious attitude. It is totally opposite to what is still accepted as meditation. Meanwhile, also ‘meditation is fun’ is supported by research findings.

About Osho’s meditations you can read the following book, which will include the description of the meditations themselves too.

Meditation, the First and the Last FreedomRebellious Attitude