The Rebel is a Must

The World needs the Rebel

The presence and the manifestation of the Rebel in Today’s world is an absolute necessity; The Rebel is a Must!
The Rebel is A mustJust because life has so much magic, we are allowed to protect the earth and to make the world more beautiful, offering her the chance to evolve. This includes that  you live on the earth consciously and treat her as respectfully as possible. Already so much exhaustion of basic materials took place. Osho speaks in this framework about ’the Rebel is a Must’ and he/she has the following characteristics:

  • The Rebel lives according his/her own inner light and chances oneself on the base of that.
  • The Rebel raises his/her hand against injustice on the base of his/her inner insight. He/she does not fight ‘because one is eager to fight’, but because he/she isn’t ABLE to do otherwise.
  • The Rebel does not impose anything on anybody, but he/she knows that her surroundings may change together with him/her.
  • Changes by revolution hardly delivered anything until, like the ‘French Revolution’ or the ‘Russian Revolution’. There only was a change in positions, but people themselves didn’t transform at all. In this way the same power games and suppression continued. To realize essential change ‘Rebellion’ is needed, which makes a total difference.

The Rebel is a Must: The Diference between Rebel en Revolutionary

There is a great distinction between the ‘Revolutionary’ en the ‘Rebel’. These two concepts mostly are mixed up groundless. These are the differences between ‘Revolutionary’ and ‘Rebel’.The Rebel is a Must

  • A Revolutionary wants to change others and the world, a Rebel changes his/herself and lives om the base of this transformation.
  • A Revolutionary thinks in terms of power. He/she wants to maintain the same positions of power, but chooses other people to occupy them. A Rebel rather thinks in terms of cooperation than in terms of power.
  • A Revolutionary is ready to be violent to reach his/her goal. For a Rebel ‘growth of consciousness’ comes first. He/she wants to avoid violence.

A more beautiful world, with more justice, more flowering and fascinating world is what almost everyone wants. The experiment of the ‘Rebel’ has not been experimented with on a large scale until now. Some individuals were rebellious, like for example : a Jesus, a Buddha, a Lao Tzu and Osho. But only a collectivity of Rebels can save the earth and make the world more human.

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