LOTUS LIBRARY new Study Place

Since March 1 ’21 Karnawal, Meerut has Lotus Library, new Study Place for all kinds of students to do their studies


LOTUS LIBRARY offers Services              LOTUS LIBRARY OPENING HOURS: daily from 7 pm – 12 pm

manager of Lotus Library


* Study Possibilities, 7.00 pm to 12.00 pm      
soon opening hours will be elaborated

* Printing, Copying and Laminating of Documents

* Study Guidance

* Filling Digital Forms

etcetera (ask Rajiv for more possibilities)




August 20: Students are full speed ‘on the go’ in Lotus Library

Daily few or more students come to study and they stay until late in the night.
Manager Rajiv Singh is the host and takes care of a quiet and well-kept space. He plans his own meditation activities very early or very late, so that he is available for hosting in Lotus Library.
Also new Hindi Osho Books are added in Lotus Library, interesting and also very beautiful to watch…



August 10, New Books for Lotus Library Book Collection

Osho’s books have a radiance. He himself loves books very much. His immense great immense library of rare books  from over the world, is still present and is preserved carefully.
For his own books, which contain his spoken discourses, he gave clear instructions about how they should be released. That’s why they are always beautiful and have a special energetic working.
These new series are added to the book collection in Lotus library. Interested people can have a look into the books and do some reading in Lotus Library in Karnawal, close to Meerut:  
* The Dhamapada, The Way of the Buddha
* Come Follow to 
You, Reflections of Jesus of Nazareth

August 9, Students are welcome again in Lotus Library

Students and others who are seeking for a quiet Study Place in a nice atmosphere are welcome again in Lotus Library in Karnawal

Some students already were present today. They find in Lotus Library a comfortable place to sit for study and for storing their belongings. 


Interested students can just come to Lotus Library, in Karnawal. The manager, RAJIV SINGH, will welcome you.

July/August ’21 EXPANSION of the OSHO Book Collection in Lotus Library 

Some English and Hindi Osho Books are added to the collection of Lotus Library. People who are interested can have a look into the books and read them in Lotus Library.



The World is still dominated by the pandemic of Covid-19. 
Several States in India are, partly, in lockdown. Students could not or hardly come for study in Lotus Library.
Just a few times they came to their favourite study place in Karnawal. There is now space enough for a group of
students. Hopefully they can return after some time when the work;d is in a better condition.



More Students are coming than study boxes are available. So today the Carpenter/Friend of Rajiv starts to make NEW BOXES in Lotus Library. 

April 7 ’21 


Every morning 6.00 am OSHO DYNAMIC MEDITATION takes place in Lotus Library. This powerful active meditation awakens all the cells and offers a beautiful start of the day.
Rajiv facilitates the meditation and offers a safe and meditative atmosphere. He is an experienced meditator, did many meditations in the Osho Meditation Resort and participated in Osho International online meditation courses.



March 21 ’21

LOTUS LIBRARY has become a beautiful, cosy place to study. Students come daily and do their studies in the Evening hours. Now also the possibility is there to study in Lotus Library in the Afternoon.
Next to offering study possibilities Lotus Library has a great OSHO BOOK collection. HINDI books are present, many ENGLISH books and also some very special ones. Visitors can read the books in Lotus Library if they are interested. IT IS A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to dive into these beautiful books


           English Osho Books                                                            English Osho Books, beautiful boxed items



                                      Hindi Osho Books                                                   Special Osho Items



LOTUS LIBRARY New Study Place has been created by RAJIV SINGH. He has transformed his former family house into a BEAUTIFUL ATTRACTIVE PLACE to STUDY. Also there is a nice library BOOK CASE with a beautiful collection of books of the Mystic Osho. The visitor who is interested can read the books in Lotus Library. Next to this one can receive some services



This was the OLD PLACE in Karnawal. In October ’20 Labourers started to demolish the old building.
It was saving a lot of time and materials that the existing fundaments and the working connections 
could be revived. Rajiv regularly was getting new materials for Lotus Library. 


Then many stages followed in slowly building LOTUS LIBRARY a New Place to Study. I admire the patience and the persistence of RAJIV SINGH and the workers around to just going step by step.
The special thing of India is that many things are just made, while in the West the know almost everything as prefabricated.

Lotus Library new Study Place: Building with Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was the making of the ROOF on LOTUS LIBRARY, all the necessary machinery and materials had to be transported upstairs. Building was done in bloody hot weather. But it happened


The Result of Months of Building

And LOOK….what has arisen NOW: LOTUS LIBRARY…it is a MIRACLE: a beautiful white/blue building with comfortable study places and and a big Book Case with a lovely collection of Osho Books. The study place has a nice atmosphere in white-blue colours. Students can find here a place in separate boxes. This way everyone can sit and study undisturbed and once in a while have some connection with each other.