Human mind has infinite possibilities… From Animal to Buddha-hood Only a kind of Spiritual Revolution… “There is no future for political revolution. Only one kind of revolution is possible, and that is spiritual revolution. Each individual has to change in his being, and if we can change millions of people […]


The SEARCH in SELF-HEALING For quite some time I am strongly in favour of self-healing. This brought me to a path of investigating and experimenting with different new discoveries and methods. The pro’s I feel for going for self-healing are, amongst more, these: Benefits of Self-healing *Focusing for many years […]

SELF-HEALING on the Path

Discovering your Individuality The word Individuality refers to ‘being UNDIVIDED’. You are ONE and in this sense you are unique. There is just one such a human being as you are. And there will never be one like you. The story of the picture contains the situation of a young […]

LIVE AND LOVE with Awareness

You will always recognise the quality of a tree/bush by its fruits The Truth has to be seen by You Animals should be Loved Osho says:“Animals should be loved, should be respected,because somewhere at some timethey will also reach to the same consciousness as you.” There is a constant evolution […]

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