SELF-HEALING on the Path


For quite some time I am strongly in favour of self-healing. This brought me to a path of investigating and experimenting with different new discoveries and methods. The pro’s I feel for going for self-healing are, amongst more, these:

The Ultimate Growth is saying ‘Yes’ in total Freedom

“The ultimate growth is to say yes with such joy as a child says no. That is a second childhood. And the man who can say yes with tremendous freedom and joy, with no hesitation, with no strings attached, with no conditions – a pure and simple joy, a pure and simple yes – that man has become a sage. That man lives in harmony again. And his harmony is of a totally different dimension than the harmony of trees, animals and birds. They live in harmony because they cannot say no, and the sage lives in harmony because he does not say no. Between the two, the birds and the buddhas, are all human beings – un-grown-up, immature, childish, stuck somewhere, still trying to say no, to have some feeling of freedom.” Osho


Colourful Embroidery from Gujarat, Ahmedabad-style, which I received as a gift from my Osho Zen Tarot colleague and friend Shweta. This I stitched on a silk kurta from Pune. Creativity brings one out of the mind into the heart: you transform your energy.

For Self-Healing you have to be Bold, Brave and Strong…

Benefits of Self-healing

*Focusing for many years on self-insight and self-knowledge each individual knows the best for oneself of which one is in need of.  
*By treating and trying towel oneself, there is the case of only your own energy. While treated by others always the interpretation and energy of the other person is part of the process too.

Tachyon Silica Discs

Exploring and experimenting I came across the Tachyon energy discoveries of dr. David Wagner. My experience was a feeling of relaxation and vivification. Also brought application of the Silica discs several times pain relief to me. Travelling around the world I always carry a few silica discs with me and in case of any unease or pain feeling I can just help myself. Now the question comes forward: what is Tachyon Energy?

David Wagner about Tachyon Energy

In his book “Tachyon Energy – A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing” David Wagner states that the information provided would “play an important role in the healing and transformation of our personal and planetary world.” 

Tachyon energy represents the merging of science and spirituality where a new paradigm has been realized. Life can be embraced as an integration of love, an experience of inner harmony, and a merging of energies creating relationships of sublime cooperation, joy and peace.

Tachyon Crystal Sunspots

Tachyon energy provides a marvelous enrichment for a life oriented towards integration, love, harmony and cooperation in relationship, instead of power, competition, and alienation in relationships. Tachyon energy is part of a lifestyle that is healing for our body, our mind, our spirit and our planet.

Tachyon Energy opens a doorway to experiencing divine radiance, and the joy of your own inner radiance.

Dance so Intensely that the Dancer Disappears…

Dancing is a great method of self healing. If you are stuck somewhere, don’t remain seated. Just the physical movement will help you to come out of your dip. Then start dancing and things inside you will get space. There will be a flow again. Your mood will be lifted and an unexpected joy can arise.

Only the Dance Remains

Dancing makes that we are total for some moments, mostly we are fragmented. By the dance we are a unity. Going deeper into the dance, the ego vanishes more and more. The dancer disappears and only the dance remains.


Crystals can guide light by their brightness. The strengthening power can be enlarged by cutting crystal into a geometric shape. The most powerful form is a PHI CRYSTAL. It is also called Vogel Crystal.

A PHI crystal is a natural crystal while it has several facets. On one end of the crystal is a sharp point and on the other end is a blunt point. By this specific geometry extra options are added to the quartz crystal. So the crystal can, that way, be applied for healing, from the DNA of the physical body until the light body.


Mirroring and Strengthening

The cutting into facets may result in mirroring the light in the crystal and strengthening it. An outside directed form of laser light will arise. The male, sharp end emits a kind laser energy which influences the energetic body and can be applied, among other, for energetic operations. Crystals with 24 facets or more are nowadays very common to be applied.

Self-Acceptance for Healing

An important cause of our misery is the lack of self-love and self- acceptance. We often think that we should live according to some standards. So, when this doesn’t happen, we start condemning ourselves. So this absolutely is the starting point to heal ourselves: more self-love, more self-acceptance.

Self-Acceptance has a Radiating Effect

Self-acceptance is Contagious

“You accept yourself; that makes you capable to accept others. And because somebody accepts them, they learn the beauty of acceptance for the first time — how peaceful it feels — and they start accepting others. If the whole humanity comes to a point where everybody is accepted as he is, almost ninety percent misery will simply disappear.” Osho

Explaining Tachyon Energy

The vacuum or the energetic continuum that physicists talk about does not appear to be an empty space, but an inexhaustible energy potential. Tesla, Schumann, among others, managed to capture and convert this energy so that you can run an electric motor on it, for example. In the nineties of the twentieth century a number of researchers succeeded in ‘catching’ tachyon energy in a different way, for a different purpose.

Buddha Bubble: Tachyonised 3D Buddha Ball

Tachyonisation of objects

This process is called ’tachyonisation’. In Germany, the bio-energy expert Heiko Albat has discovered this process completely independent of David Wagner and has invented a partly overlapping, partly completely original line of applications. Albat and Wagner are the main founders of a new form of therapy called tachyon therapy. Any object can be tachyonized, after which it releases concentrated tachyons that generate a beneficial holistic effect in living organisms.

‘Tachyonising’, in short, means that the movements in the atoms of an object are accelerated in such a way that a kind of vortex is created that “draws in tachyon energy from the vacuum” and releases it into our time-space domain. Thus a resonance takes place with the undifferentiated primordial state of all energy and matter (and awareness).  This sounds complicated, but we look at the practical options.

Tachyonised Crystal Balls

Within the therapeutic context, the most important characteristic of tachyon energy is that it appears to have an all-organizing capacity and can restore the disturbed order in living systems.

Tool for Self-massage

Massage seems to be a treatment that one only can receive from another human being. And surely it is beautiful to experience a deep tissue massage from a skilled and loving person. I experienced this several times, in India as well as in the Netherlands. Osho states that Massage is 99 % love that is pouring into you, from the other person.

However, as I explained earlier: self healing is a method I highly valuate. Even during a loving massage from another person, his/her issues are in the process. That’s why self-massage, how uneasy it may sound, is a good option. It offers a very beautiful feeding towards oneself. And you are only working with your own energy and on your own difficulties. It is worth experimenting with it absolutely.

A Tachyonised Inspirational Tool

Massage Wand, available at Planet Tachyon of David Wagner

Applying the Tachyonized Massage Wand

What is very helpful when you go into the challenge of self-massage, is this tool. It is a Tachyon massage wand. It is light in your hand and gives a good support. It is wonderful to massage your shoulders after a working day. Stress will accumulate in the shoulders by working on laptop or pc.

This is the way you can work with it. At first you rub your shoulders with a smooth massage oil or milk. Allow it to be absorbed by the skin and off you go. The tool has a good shape and also this special energy is in the tool, tachyon, which offers a refreshing and rejuvenating effect. I can fully recommend to go for this.