The Psychology of the Buddha’s

The psychology of the buddhas is neither analysis nor synthesis; it is transcendence, it is going beyond the mind. It is not work within the mind, it is work that takes you outside the mind. That’s exactly the meaning of the English word ‘ecstasy’ — to stand out.

When you are capable of standing out of your own mind, when you are capable of creating a distance between your mind and your being, then you have taken the first step of the psychology of the buddhas. And a miracle happens: when you are standing out of the mind all the problems of the mind disappear, because mind itself disappears; it loses its grip over you.


Osho Signature. In every book he has read a painting was made by him, around his signature. “It is not my name, it is a flow of energy.” The enlightened one is NOT, so he has no name and no name in his signature

Nothing is Right or Wrong…


Problems solve of their own accord

“. just relax. Don’t make them problems, just relax. They solve of their own accord.
If you are too worried about a problem, you go on poking your finger in the wound and it doesn’t allow it to heal. There is no problem in fact. Man is a problem-creator. One can live without problems
but the ego cannot, so it goes on creating something or other. Leave them, just enjoy yourself, and they will disappear. The very enjoyment solves all problems.
The very delight in life, in small things – eating, walking talking, taking a bath, meeting with friends, falling in love, or just sitting looking at the sky – small things, but if you can enjoy them there is no energy available to bother about problems. You understand me? The whole energy moves into these delights and there is no problem left.” OSHO, Hammer on the Rock

Without Meditation you do not know the secrets of live

Love and Freedom

Love is a Whisper, Not Even a Dialogue

Devil – Devine, Lived – Unlived

“The English word ‘devil’ is very beautiful. 
If you read it backwards it becomes ‘lived.’ 
That which is lived becomes divine, 
and that which is not lived becomes devil. 
Only the lived is transformed into godliness; the unlived turns poisonous. 
And today you postpone, and whatsoever remains unlived in you will hang around you like a weight. If you had lived it you would have been free of it. 
It would not have haunted you, it would not have tortured you.” Osho

What is Doing Good?

The Greater the Consciousness

The Greater the CONSCIOUSNESS…
“The greater the consciousness, the greater the awareness that you are alone. So, do not escape from this fact through society, friends, associations, crowds. Do not escape from it! It is a great phenomenon. The whole process of evolution has been working toward this.
Consciousness has come to the point now where you know that you are alone.” Osho


Judgement versus Love
“Judgment is ugly — it hurts people. On the one hand you go on hurting them, and wounding them, and on the other hand you want their love, their respect.
It is impossible. You love them, respect them, and perhaps your love and respect may help them to change many of their weaknesses, many of their failures — because love will give them new energy, a new meaning, a new strength.” Osho

The ROOTS versus the BRANCHES



Osho Zen Tarot

“Life has tremendous treasures which remain unknown to people because they don’t have time. Their whole time is engaged in some kind of fight with someone – the other. The other contains the whole world. And the greatest calamity that happens is that when you are fighting with the other, you slowly, slowly forget yourself. Your whole focus becomes the other and when the focus becomes the other, you are lost. Then when are you going to remember yourself?” Osho 

Disobedience often means Intelligence

Make your own grass greener…

“Just be yourself, and then there is no misery and no competition and no botheration that others have more, and you don´t have more. 
And if you like grass to be greener, there is no need to look at the other side of the fence; you can make the grass greener on your side of the fence! 
It is such a simple thing to make the grass greener. 
Just looking everywhere else, and all the lawns are looking so beautiful — except yours.” Osho

LIFE is a VERB. Life is not a Noun…

Human mind has infinite possibilities…

From Animal to Buddha-hood

Only a kind of Spiritual Revolution…

“There is no future for political revolution. Only one kind of revolution is possible, and that is spiritual revolution. Each individual has to change in his being, and if we can change millions of people then the society will change. There is no other way, there is no shortcut.” Osho

Accept your imperfection

“Accept humbly your imperfection, your failures, your mistakes, your frailties. There is no need to pretend otherwise. Just be yourself, that,´This is how I am — full of fear. That I cannot go in the dark night. That I cannot go in the thick forest.’ What is wrong in it? — just human.” Osho

You are unique, incomparable…


Don’t Be Content Easily

If life is going smooth, we are inclined to settle there. And it is good. It is feeding to enjoy life and to celebrate the point where you have reached. But we also should remember that we are always at the beginning. There is so much more to discover.

Skies upon Skies are Available

“That’s why I am saying skies upon skies are available for your flight. Don’t be content easily. Those who remain content easily remain small: small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being. But there is no need! This smallness is your own imposition upon your freedom, upon your unlimited possibilities, upon your unlimited potential.” Osho

“Mind can accept any boundary anywhere. But the reality is that, by its very nature, existence cannot have any boundary, because what will be beyond the boundary? — again another sky.” Osho

The Feminine Aspects of a Man

In the West still the idea prevails that a man should be ‘male’…whatever is meant with that etiket. Some characteristics are: a man should be cool, sturdy, strong…he should not be weak or soft in any way.

Actually what makes a man complete and ‘round’ would be that he shows some of the feminine aspects he absolutely has. This will make also the man himself happy. Being touched, showing his tears about that is a quality that many women, when they are sincere, will appreciate.

We all are judging continuously…

Judging is a common habit and it is almost a disease. Because each human being is a unique individual, judging simply is not possible. When you judge, you actually take in consideration incomparable elements. It is unreal and false.

Osho about Judging, the first thing is…

“People have judged you; you have accepted their idea without any scrutiny.
And you are suffering from all kinds of people’s judgments, and you are throwing those judgments on other people. And this game has become out of proportion. =The whole humanity is suffering from it.
If you want to get out of it, the first thing is: Don’t judge yourself.”

Only Love Destroys Space, Distance and Time

An expression in any culture is: “Out of sight out of mind”. This is not the case in the spiritual world. There can be a deep love while the people are on a big distance of each other. This love has a different quality from the love which people write about in poems and sing about.

Rebels Leven

Osho Explains:

“If I am in your heart, there is no way to go away from me. 
You can go away from my physical presence, but my physical presence is no longer significant if you are already feeling my presence in your heart.
You have become aware of my spiritual presence. 
The physical presence is only a triggering point — if it can lead you to the spiritual presence, its work is done. 
Now I will be beating in your heart wherever you are, it does not matter whether you are here or on a faraway planet.
Love is the only phenomenon which destroys space, distance, time.” OSHO


Journalism nowadays is too much focussed on sensational news. People have to be attracted to reading the newspapers and the articles, so they have to be as juicy as possible. It should be pure excitement. Also a lot of hidden morality is hidden in the press messages. People should really have a good feeling that are not as bad as the man or women who is in the news

Osho talks about healthy journalism and he says: “By healthy journalism, I mean journalism which nourishes the whole person — his body, his mind, his soul — journalism whose whole concern is to create a better humanity, not just to report what is happening.”

Religiousness is the Science of the Inner

True Religion Discovers

Mystics refer to the inner world as an area that is even bigger than the outer world. In order to explore the outer world we have a lot of scientific specialisms. But as far as the inner world concerns, we are inclined to think that we soon will be ready. However it is a life long exploration, an unending adventure, a journey to enjoy in its full heights and depths. The inner science makes us a complete human being.

The Difference between Belief and Devotion

People talk always about: I believe in this or I believe in Jesus. It looks very deeply lived. However: belief still is a mind-thing. On a deeper level we will be devoted.


BELIEF versus SURRENDER In the series “I Am THAT” is an inspiring Osho talk about the big difference between ‘surrender’ and ‘belief’. Belief is of the head and Surrender is of the heart. People who belief, close themselves for insights which go against their belief.

And a little humour also is present in this talk. : If you shrug your shoulders all the time, you will develop a short neck….hahaha

WISDOM IS…love makes no mistakes

We often can hear the expression that ’there is no love in the world’. Love seems to be a fiction and completely absent as life is experienced. Mystics however make us aware that we cannot blame ‘Love’ for that.

Looking without dust in our Soul

“When you are able to see with no dust of knowledge on the mirror of your soul, when your soul is without any dust of knowledge, when it is just a mirror, it reflects that which is. That is wisdom. That reflecting of that which is, is wisdom.” Osho

“Don´t blame others. Whatsoever they are, they are. 
In fact, all the cunningness of the world and the trickery of the world helps you to be aware. If this world cannot help you to be aware; 
then what world will ever be able to make you aware, to be cautious? 
It is a good world — it gives you a tremendous challenge to be cautious.” Osho


In the East live is lived with many symbols. The Vajra or Dorje is one of the symbols from Buddhism


This beauty is carefully carved out of natural material.
A Vajra/Dorje is a Tibetan object that symbolically stands for the highest principle, it also symbolises the road to enlightenment, the essence of existence. It is called to simply represent NOTHINGNESS too.

The 8 parts signify the 8 virtues of Buddhism (the 4 outer and 4 inner ways). The literal translation is: undisturbed diamond. Here people connect with the 8 directions of heaven.

Live in joy, in peace, even among the troubled

There is much sadness in the world and people’s mood is influenced by that. There is no happiness from inside, it always has to arise from the outside world. And that world is in misery. Sometimes it is not so easy to stay cheerful in a miserable world. Buddha gives this encouragement.

“If the only way you can be happy is to have everybody else happy, then you are never going to be happy. Buddha is stating a simple fact. He is not saying don’t help people, but by being ill yourself you cannot help them. By being poor yourself you cannot help the poor…” Osho, The Dhammapada the Way of the Buddha

A Sick Doctor cannot Help

“…If the doctor also falls ill to help his patients, will you call him a saint? You will call him just stupid, because this is the time he needs all his heath so that he can be helpful to people.” Osho “First be selfish, first transform yourself. Your life in peace, in joy, in health, can be a great source of nourishment for people who are starving for spiritual food. ” Osho

Playfulness is one of the Highest Qualities

Playfulness is often seen as easiness and being not serious, even as being disinterested and superficial. The reality is much different.

The greatest Inventions by non-serious people

“You will be surprised to know that all that you see has been invented by playful people, not by the serious people. The serious people are too much past-oriented — they go on repeating the past, because they know it works. 
They are never inventive.” Osho

Greek Philosophers/Mystici ignored

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Osho asks attention for the Greek philosopher/mysticus Pythagoras. He is ignored very much, also in Greece, because his vision is no Greek philosophy but contains elements of the Far East too. Insights of Buddha he has brought into his ideas. For example he applies the trilogy Preparation – Purity – Perfection. Preparation is a necessary start for inhaling wisdom. One should be open and perceptive. This may happen during meditation.


Purity is explained by Osho as a refining process. We go into meditation and then discover the impurities in ourselves. “Even a child has impurities.” explains Osho. He is innocent, surely, but he is ignorant too. Under this innocence there is, as we know, much impurity: like jealousy, possessiveness, destructiveness, violence. Little children are not the angels people are used to think. This impurities children take with them while growing up. So the standpoint of Pythagoras is that we should free ourselves from these impurities. That is a step ahead to perfection and in tune with the trilogy: preparation – purification – perfection.